Motorbike muggers

Increasingly I hear reports of thefts in Athens by men on motorbikes who grab a pocketbook and speed off or who «trap» a driver, cut the tires, and smash the window. I understand these thieves are rarely caught and many occur every day. Last month you had an article about eliminating 50,000 stray dogs in Athens before the Olympics. I would ask what the plans are for eliminating this new profession. The thefts must be costing Greece a fortune in bad tourism publicity. We hear of little police success and an increase in the number of thefts. How does the government allow this terror to continue in the «first city of the world»… Athens needs to act before 2004. If this [form of] crime continues it will not matter how many new roads and hotels you create for the Olympics. Take people off the stray dog committee and reassign them! Reid Fraser – Connecticut, USA