August 6, 1959

MINORITIES IN GREECE AND TURKEY: The Foreign Ministry issued the following statement last night: «Foreign Minister Evangelos Averoff-Tositsas yesterday received the director of the ministry’s political department, Dimitrios Bitsios, who has just returned from the Turkish capital, where he brought to a satisfactory conclusion the talks held in Ankara and Athens by order of the prime ministers of Greece and Turkey. All major issues of concern were discussed in a spirit of friendship and cooperation and the two diplomats put forward their views based on the principles of objectivity and mutual respect that should govern relations between the two countries. The successful outcome of these talks will soon be confirmed to the general benefit of Greek-Turkish cooperation and, in particular, to greater serve the respective minorities living in each of the two countries.» Bitsios also paid an official visit to Istanbul, where he stayed for three days for extensive talks with the Ecumenical patriarch, Greek consular officials and with representatives of the Greek community, whom he briefed on the content of the agreements reached.