Let’s get real about Turkey

The challenge posed by the Turkish television journalists’ infringement of Greek territorial waters around the islet of Rho in order to get footage of Greek soldiers on the island on Monday, along with the ensuing statement from the Turkish Foreign Ministry and in combination with constant violations of Greek air space by Turkish air force jets flying over the Aegean are actions that simply confirm how Ankara’s stance has persisted regardless of individual politicians and particular administrations, which shows that it will continue to make claims over parts of the Aegean. With this latest offense in mind, it would be wise for the Greek political leadership to have fewer expectations of any change anytime soon in the neighboring country’s stance in compliance with European Union demands that will define Turkey’s course as regards EU accession. Athens also needs to hammer out a realistic policy and, perhaps, approach Ankara in view of the December deadline set by the EU for Turkey to meet certain criteria, when talks will be held at which the country’s future will be decided.