I am one of your daily readers and I enjoy your presentation of national politics and events. I understand that the former health minister, Alekos Papadopoulos, committed a sin by not talking to the prime minister himself first on his intention to leave politics. Did you help get this confession out of him? Was there pressure by your journalist to set him up for confession so you can increase your circulation with Big News? Do you feel responsible for him losing the ministerial position and possibly a better health system in our nation, since you claim now that he was very good? You are stating yourself that one of the prime minister’s jobs is appointing his Cabinet and renewing it when he feels necessary. I do not see how a health minister or any other minister in Greece will keep his/her position when the prime minister learns of his/her future intentions en route to China. Why is it so difficult for you to understand that Mr Papadopoulos made a big mistake and you helped him do it? This event should be considered as a lesson both for you and all other newspapers. There is responsibility when you are a publisher and nobody should take this responsibility lightly. In this case you did and still do. I still remember 25 years ago the long lines in IKA. The fact is that our country has limited resources and we have to do the most with what we have. As we increase our GDP, I am sure that the people will demand and get better services, as can be evidenced during the last 10 years. What I would like to see from Kathimerini is more coverage on how to penetrate and establish more Greek business on the eastern front of Europe and take charge on reconstructing those poor nations, which will result in bigger increase of our GDP… Let each one of us take responsibility for our actions. Theodore Halkidis – Churchville, PA 18966 USA