Who will capture the truth?

For 35 years, we have suffered with that grizzly moment in the history of the Hellenic people, captured in a photograph by a Turkish photojournalist. Five Greek Cypriots, prisoners of war, unarmed, kneeling with their hands behind their heads, encircled by Turkish soldiers. And then silence; and darkness. The five POWs came to symbolize all the missing people, all the tragedy of the Turkish invasion and occupation. Now the truth has finally come out. The Greek-Cypriot soldiers were executed and their bodies thrown down a well, north of Nicosia. Their remains were identified after being recovered from the abandoned well along with those of 14 other individuals. Ironically, recent news reports have raised concerns about the future of photojournalism, a sector that has come under great strain as newspapers and magazines slide into crisis. Who will capture the truth if there are no more photojournalists? Who will be out there looking for the truth? Who will be afraid of the truth?