Lament of a troubled patriot

Twenty-eight years locked up in the prisons of Enver Hoxha, the man who ruled Albania with an iron fist from 1944 until his death in 1985, is like spending an entire lifetime behind bars. One Albanian of Greek origin survived this experience after being found guilty of spying on Albania for Greece. The man managed to come out of this harrowing ordeal alive. He succeeded in withstanding the purgatory of the regime, the harsh conditions of his incarceration. But this man was never honored here in Greece. Instead, he was ignored. The Greek state even refuses to recognize that he is Greek. The man is now 83 years old and today he is wasting away the rest of his troubled life in a retirement home. He doesn’t mind telling the story of how he became a spy in order to help serve Greece’s interests. But he is bitter and sad: «Before my eyes are closed I would like them to give me that one paper that says what I am and what I feel I am, that is a Greek.» I wonder if anyone will ever listen to his lament?