August 17, 1959

GRIVAS AND YOUNG OFFICERS: London – Inflammatory comments made by former National Cypriot Fighters’ Organization (EOKA) leader General Georgios Grivas are being interpreted here as an attempt by Grivas to gain power in Greece, despite advice given to him by King Pavlos to quit politics and avoid damaging Greece’s domestic and international position by making wild claims. The Daily Telegraph correspondent in Athens reports that Grivas hopes to win the support of the working classes who are receiving low wages, and also hopes for the support of the United Democratic Left (EDA), by presenting himself as a true patriot in a time of national crisis. In addition, there are many dissatisfied politicians and opportunists who could support Grivas, as well as businessmen whose interests have been harmed by recent decrees limiting imports and subsidies. It is also rumored that young officers want to throw their weight behind the man they see as the hero of the Greek-Cypriot resistance movement. However Prime Minister Constantine Karamanlis is still very popular, has a parliamentary majority and controls the military.