June 11-17, 1952

MAXIMOS MANSION: During yesterday’s Cabinet meeting (June 13), following a report from the Finance Minister Mr Evelpidis, a decision was taken to buy the home of Mr Maximos for 5.7 billion drachmas. A committee consisting of the Polytechnic professors Kitsikis and Roussopoulos and the financial director, Mr Stavropoulos, had valued the house at 11 billion drachmas. Mr Maximos offered it at approximately half its market price, also donating the furniture and paintings. This luxurious home will be used as a Political Bureau and to accommodate foreign guests. It has been announced that the house will be used by the president of Turkey, Mr Jelal Bayar, during his imminent visit to Greece. The State will raise the purchase price from loans from the Bank of Greece, to be repaid in small instalments. GOLD SOVEREIGN: The price of the gold sovereign on the open market was 205,000 drachmas yesterday. BREAD COUPONS: The Athens Labor Center has issued an announcement emphasizing that the increase in the price of bread rations to 3,000 drachmas per oka (about 1.2 kilos) has given rise to much hardship and anger among the working classes, for whom bread is a basic foodstuff.