August 19, 1959

CRASH LANDING NEAR MILOS: A Royal Hellenic Air Force helicopter made an emergency landing in the sea last Tuesday near the island of Milos. Three of the crew survived and were taken to the island and from there by another helicopter to Athens. The rest are presumed drowned. According to an armed forces announcement, the helicopter was transferring a seriously ill civilian, Philippos Darventas, from Milos to Athens when it crashed into the sea north of the island at about 8 p.m. Early the next morning the pilot, First Lieutenant Georgios Theodorakakos, the aircraft’s engineer and an air force medical officer were rescued. The search for the co-pilot, the patient and his wife, who was accompanying him, is continuing. CAPETAN MICHALIS: The premiere of Nikos Kazantzakis’s play «Capetan Michalis» is to take place tomorrow at Nikos Hatziskos’s outdoor theater on Mavrommataion Street. BEN HUR: New York – The big American movie studios are known for their preference for Technicolor biblical epics usually described as blockbusters. The old recipe used by Cecil B. DeMille is now being used by American movie industry’s other giants such as William Wyler, who is to film «Ben Hur,» from the novel by Lew Wallace.