ND and PASOK miss the point

The whole sideshow that has blossomed around the matter of the extradition of principal Siemens Hellas probe witness Michalis Christoforakos from Germany to Greece is both in very bad taste and growing very tiring. On the one hand, the government should not be taking it as a given that Christoforakos will in fact be extradited once his appeal has been heard in Germany and, on the other, there is the opposition party PASOK, which is trying to find a way to get a judicial case to work in its political favor. The real matter at hand is not when Christoforakos will be extradited, but when the country’s two biggest political parties will look at the Greek people in the eye and tell the truth about whether or not they received any funding from Siemens when it was buying contracts for cash. Until the day they decide to do this, people will go on believing that the only real concern of the two parties is that they do not want to be in a position where they have to respond truthfully to the testimony of the witness.