August 26, 1959

EISENHOWER-ADENAUER: London, August 2 – US President Dwight D. Eisenhower has ended a busy working day in Bonn, filled with talks with West German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer which were outlined in a lengthy joint communique and statements to the press. He later arrived at about 15.40 p.m. at London airport in an atmosphere of warmth and enthusiasm. The diplomatic outcome of the visit to Germany is that the US president does not appear to be in a hurry to convene a summit conference, a view that Adenauer appears to share. It is likely that a second foreign ministers’ meeting is to be held, possibly in November, according to observers. The communique constitutes a declaration of the commitment of the US and West Germany to the Atlantic alliance and included the assurance that the US will protect the freedom and prosperity of West Berlin. CHINA-INDIA: London, August 13 – According to a telegram from New Delhi, tension has risen between India and Red China. The crisis that has been simmering for some time, particularly since India granted asylum to the Dalai Lama, intensified today following unconfirmed reports that the leader of the Chinese mission in Lhasa has made territorial claims on the Indian provinces of Bhutan, Sikkim and Ladakh.