August 27, 1959

POST CIVIL WAR: Deputy Interior Minister Evangelos Kalantzis commented on the uproar over the attack on a parliamentary deputy of the United Democratic Left (EDA) by a police officer in Alexandroupoli a few days ago, saying that EDA was employing the usual communist tactic of staging a supposed incident. The aim, Kalantzis said, was to cover up a campaign of outrageous provocations which the party has been carrying out over the past few months, using its parliamentary deputies to provoke officers of the law. The deputy involved in the latest incident had been waging a campaign to raise the morale of party cadres in his area following their disappointing results in the latest municipal elections. He had also been trying to dampen the spirits of the nationalist population in this outlying area and saw the security forces as an obstacle to the success of these communist aims. EISENHOWER-ADENAUER: London, August 2 – US President Dwight D. Eisenhower wound up a busy working day in Bonn, West Germany which was spent in lengthy talks with the country’s Chancellor Konrad Adenauer. He later arrived at London airport at about 15.40 p.m.