Don’t let up in hunt for arsonists

It is absolutely essential for the investigation into what or who sparked the terrible forest fires that blighted the suburbs of Athens last week to be conducted thoroughly and successfully. The evidence found by investigators so far certainly suggests that the fires were the work of arsonists and even as the probe continues, the authorities need to start looking for the culprits soon so that they may charge them with their crime and justice can begin to take its proper course without any unnecessary delay. If the culprits are pathetic imbeciles who believed that setting fire to gas canisters in the middle of a forest during gale-force winds was a form of protest against the government or some other perceived evil, they certainly don’t deserve any political protection. Similarly, if they are part of a malevolent scheme of highly organized interests, again they should not be shielded. The harm they have caused is grave and the people want answers, now. And no matter how painful the findings of the investigation may be, the public will not tolerate the crime of arson going unpunished.