August 28, 1959

KARAMANLIS’S GRAMMOS ANNIVERSARY SPEECH: At the beginning of today’s 10th commemoration of the victory against the movement of «outlaws,» Prime Minister Constantine Karamanlis made the following speech: «…The four-year communist uprising caused untold damage to Greece. In accordance with a predetermined plan, the outlaws destroyed whatever they could with the intention of leading impoverished people to committing desperate acts. Communism has proved to be the greatest destructive force against progress and the most implacable foe of all classes, particularly farmers and workers. However, the power of the nation proved greater than the catastrophic mania of its enemies. After waging an armed conflict, our people have now begun a battle for economic and social reconstruction. Looking back over the results that have been achieved, we can be proud. Not only have the wounds of war and of the communist onslaught been healed, but people’s living standards have been raised to a level never known before. The nation should never forget the deadly threat posed by the four-year communist rebellion, not in order to keep hate in their hearts, but to remain vigilant and to safeguard the peace won at all costs.»