June 17-18, 1952

THE AILING PLASTIRAS: Paris, 16 – The prime minister, General Nikolaos Plastiras, accompanied by his personal physician, Professor Tsoutis, and the French Professor M. Morer, was examined today by the famous neurologist Professor Garcin, who found the prime minister to be in a very satisfactory condition. (…) In Garcin’s opinion, Mr Plastiras will recover from his stroke, if given enough time and proper treatment. VANGUARDS OF HUMANITY: Istanbul, 16 – In a message to the Greek people on the occasion of the visit by the Greek king and queen to Turkey, Patriarch Athinagoras said that the past few days had witnessed a truly historic achievement, the culmination of the long-term efforts and long-standing desires of the two nations. These two brave and proud peoples have been designated the defenders of peace, dignity and human freedom in a region of the world where they constitute the vanguards of humanity. KOTOPOULI-MOUZENIDIS: Yesterday afternoon, the director T. Mouzenidis left by air for Istanbul. There, he will hold rehearsals for the chorus of an ancient tragedy, part of the performances of the «Oresteia,» to be staged in an open-air theater in the city in early August. Marika Kotopouli will be starring. GOLD SOVEREIGN: The price of the gold sovereign on the open market was 205,000 drachmas yesterday.