September 1, 1959

EUROPE: Signs of trade wars between the six members of the European Common Market (Germany, Italy, France and the Benelux states) and seven countries outside it (Britain, Scandinavia, Portugal, Austria and Switzerland) are less important when compared to the fact that Western Europe is steadily developing its trade and industry, breaking down barriers to the free movement of people and goods. In the exchange of teachers, technicians and even bank employees, the Continent is discovering the unexploited dynamism of its common culture and heritage. Prosperity is the foundation of this emerging unity and cooperation. Given that politics always comes before the economy, that prosperity is the fruit of cautious, well-thought-out and often courageous political decisions. It is the fruit of the dynamic aspect of free business activity, encouraged by a healthy economic policy. INDOCHINA: Vientiane – The Laotian armed forces chief said today that about 3,500 North Vietnamese soldiers and communist guerrillas had launched an offensive in the southern region of Sam Neua province and are expected to seize the town of the same name. He also revealed that communists had captured five military posts along the Nam Ma River on the border with North Vietnam.