Leaving out the failures

In the coming days and weeks, Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis will have to convince the country’s increasingly doubtful voters that he can govern in a different manner and with the help of different people should he win the October 4 general elections against the socialists of George Papandreou. It goes without saying that the conservative leader will have to exclude from New Democracy’s ticket any of those politicians who have been implicated in the various scandals in the past. However, it would be of great service to the nation if the prime minister also left out those conservative members who failed to fulfil their obligations such as, for example, those who were supposed to be in charge of the country’s fiscal affairs ahead of the last Cabinet shake-up. Doing so would be a strong sign of self-criticism. At the same time, Karamanlis would convey a clear message to the electorate, that those who have failed to live up to the demands and expectations of the voting public will not take part in any future government.