September 4, 1959

INDOCHINA: United Nations – Laos officially asked the United Nations today to send armed forces as soon as possible to repel an attack on its territory by communist North Vietnam. It was not known exactly what the UN will do but the impression is emerging of a situation similar to the war in Korea. Official statements coming out of Washington and London refer to assistance in repelling the communist attack and one American general said that the US would have fighter planes in the region within 35 hours. UN Secretary General Dag Hammarskjold is rushing back to New York from Brazil 24 hours earlier in order to deal with the situation. CHINA-INDIA: New Delhi, 4 – India Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru revealed in Parliament today that he had received a message from the Chinese government in Peking accusing India of carrying out attacks on the Tibetan border. Peking is calling for the withdrawal of Indian troops from one or two areas it views as Chinese. He denied reports that the Chinese had established military bases on Indian territory in Ladakh but said Chinese military forces had been observed on the Sikkim-Tibet border.