September 8, 1959

ANTI-COMMUNIST STRUGGLE: Thessaloniki, 8 – According to reliable sources, the leadership of the United Democratic Left (EDA) has issued instructions both to its parliamentary deputies and to its leading cadres to incite trouble and then press charges against police officers and nationalists who hold prominent positions in urban centers. The aim of EDA’s new strategy is to strike at police morale so that its cadres can carry out their propaganda campaign unobstructed. NATIONAL HIGHWAY: It has been announced that plans for a new Athens-Larissa highway have been speeded up. The highway is to pass through Malakassa, the plain of Thebes, Kopaida, Atalanti, Kamena Vourla, Lamia and Almyro. Work is expected to begin soon, provided the necessary capital is available. In addition, the Public Works Ministry is considering using funds earmarked for the 1960 budget to cover the amount. WILLY BRANDT: Berlin – The Mayor of West Berlin, Willy Brandt, addressed Parliament today on the issue of raising the city’s problem at the Geneva talks, saying «it would be better not to reach an agreement than to have an unsatisfactory one.» He said any attempt to separate Berlin from the overall German question in a separate solution was destined to fail.