What the people expect

Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis was open and sincere during his speech at the Thessaloniki International Fair last weekend as he announced a number of measures that will certainly not be popular with voters. However, he provided no answer to the question on many people’s lips, namely what prevented him from implementing these measures since his re-election in 2007? Only if he can give convincing answers to that question will he have a chance of persuading voters to give him another opportunity. At any rate, what Karamanlis is proposing should be the subject of serious debate during the election campaign now under way, and we expect the main opposition leader, PASOK’s George Papandreou, to explain to the Greek people exactly how he plans to deal with the fiscal crisis that is plaguing the country. In other words, both need to convince us. One has to show how he will acquire the necessary boldness, judgement and suitable associates, that is, everything that he has been lacking so far in order to do the job. The other has to demonstrate that he has a firm grip of the situation, a plan, competent associates and the boldness required to carry out that plan.