Change of attitude necessary

As voters, we should be paying close attention to pinpoint the issues on which the two major electoral contenders, ruling New Democracy and opposition PASOK, share common ground, because once this election fever is over and the dust begins to settle, the country will still be staring at the same major problems that it was looking at before our attention was diverted to the electoral race. And this is when we will need to see a consensus between the winners and the losers on at least the most fundamental issues, such as reform of public administration and the electoral law, among other crucial matters. The tradition here in Greece is for the opposition to only rarely give its support to the government’s painful but necessary reform plans. However, it is only when this attitude changes that the country will finally find itself in a position to move forward and emerge from the deadlock that is created by a barren opposition on the one hand and fear of the political cost of difficult decisions on the other.