September 11, 1959

GREECE-EEC: Brussels, 10 – Talks between the Greek delegation and the European Economic Community (EEC) began today in Brussels, with a meeting with the EEC’s general director of external affairs and then lengthy meetings with a seven-member committee. The talks will continue for the next few days. Greece is the first country with which an association is being sought and therefore the talks and the agreement being pursued set a precedent that will affect similar talks with other countries. An EEC spokesperson said the talks with the Greek delegates would last for several weeks and would not result in decisions. However, recommendations would be made and submitted to the EEC’s Ministers’ Council. He added that the main purpose of the talks was to examine the terms of Greece’s association with the Common Market’s member states and the ways in which this will be effected. Turkey’s demand for an association agreement with the Common Market will be discussed tomorrow during a meeting of the EEC Ministers’ Council. RENOS APOSTOLIDIS: A beautifully produced volume of short stories by Renos Apostolidis has been published by Estia Bookshop. It is titled «Stories of the Southern Coasts.»