September 12, 1959

CHINA-INDIA: London, 9 – The Soviet Union in an announcement released by the semiofficial Tass news agency has called on communist China and India to settle their border dispute peacefully. The Soviet mediation coincided with a letter that was released today, from Red Chinese Premier Chou En-lai to his Indian counterpart Jawaharlal Nehru proposing an amicable settlement. However the arguments he presented indicate an unwillingness to recognize the McMahon Line as the international boundary between the two countries and once again the Chinese premier charged that India has hostile intentions, claiming that Indian troops invaded Chinese territory and seized Longju. NATIONAL HIGHWAY: It has been announced that plans for a new Athens-Larissa highway have been speeded up. The highway is to pass through Malakasa, the plain of Thebes, Kopais, Atalanti, Kammena Vourla, Lamia and Almyro. Work is expected to begin soon, provided the necessary capital is available. In addition, the Public Works Ministry is considering using funds earmarked for the 1960 budget to cover the amount.