To curb our debt, we need a plan

Greece’s foreign debt has reached very critical levels and curbing it is fast becoming a national priority. Every single member of the electorate needs to consider the consequences of this escalating problem and must demand that their politicians explain in detail what they are planning to do about it. Greece has experienced a long period of prosperity and Greeks have felt richer in the past few years than they ever did in the past, but this feeling of wealth has not been accompanied by any consideration about the long-term effects of the irresponsible economic policies of a succession of administrations. But the moment of truth has arrived and there is no room for hesitation or dodging the issue. The problem of foreign and public debt can only be tackled with a forward-looking plan, with the brake being put on the wasting of public funds, with a streamlined bureaucracy and the development of healthy competition and entrepreneurship. Any party that wants to consider itself a serious contender in national elections on October 4 must have a clear and effective plan for dealing with the public debt.