Who will come to parties’ aid?

Both New Democracy and PASOK, the country’s biggest political parties, have announced that they are prepared to employ the services of people who are not in Parliament as well as technocrats in key government posts to help them deal with some of the most crucial problems facing Greece today. There is no doubt that such specialized and able people are, today more than ever, absolutely necessary in order to tackle the challenges that lie ahead in the economy and in areas such as social, education and healthcare reform, and which will be the task of whichever government is elected on October 4. The state candidate list provides the two parties with the opportunity to use professionals who do not see politics as their full-time job, but who can act in the capacity of consultants. Voters are anxious to see who New Democracy and PASOK will choose to put on their state candidate lists, as this will be an initial indication of how and with whom the parties plan to govern the country.