June 19, 1952

CYPRUS: According to our special correspondent in London, Mr Christos Papanikolaou, the parliamentary foreign secretary, Mr Nutting, has said that the British government considers Cyprus a British island of major military importance and, therefore, will not agree to the commencement of talks on the Cyprus issue (…). Greece and Britain are now facing common dangers and common problems of greater importance. (…) The campaign in favor of union (with Greece) is likely to do considerable damage to Greek-British relations. MAKARIOS – NATO BASES IN CYPRUS: Archbishop Makarios of Cyprus, responding to the statements by Mr Nutting reported yesterday in Kathimerini, said: «(…) The military importance of the island, invoked by Mr Nutting as a reason for not entering into talks on the Cyprus question, is not a valid argument, as Greece has joined NATO and therefore joint military bases can be used under the terms of the treaty for joint defense purposes both in Greece and in Cyprus (…). It is ironic that the military bases in Cyprus should be used to defend world freedom, while Cyprus is still enslaved. OLYMPIAKOS BEATS LILLE 2-1: Yesterday at 9 p.m. the French soccer team Lille played its final match in Greece against Olympiakos of Piraeus, and was defeated 2-1.