A list of wrong choices

The lists for state deputies (which represent candidates who are not elected directly but according to the percentage that their party garners in the polls) announced by Greece’s two mainstream parties, New Democracy and PASOK, have failed to impress. In the case of ruling conservative party New Democracy, the announcement was a disappointment because the selection of state deputy candidates was widely seen as the last chance for Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis to convince the voting public that he has the ability to draw from a reservoir of young people that have made a name on the political sphere as well as in the private sector. Regrettably, the selections made by the conservative leader indicate that maintaining the power balance within his own party was what was paramount in his mind. As a result, Karamanlis appears in the eyes of the public to be rewarding the political barons who hold great responsibility for the very problems currently dogging the center-right party.