September 24, 1959

US SIXTH FLEET COMES TO GREECE: The US Information Service has announced that the flagship vessel of the US Sixth Fleet, the Des Moines, is to anchor in Faliron Bay from October 5-9 for the first visit to Greece by the fleet’s commander, Vice Admiral George W. Anderson, who recently replaced Vice Admiral Clarence E. Ekstrom. In addition, the Boston guided missile carrier is to anchor off Faliron from October 7-14. Altogether, there will be 10 ships from the Sixth Fleet anchored in the bay between October 5 and 15. Another seven ships, including the aircraft carrier Saratoga, are to visit Rhodes, and another two are to sail to Souda Bay, two to Patras, six to Thessaloniki and four to Corfu. VANGUARD CIGARETTES: New York, 24 – New York advertising firms have refused to accept contracts for the promotion of the Vanguard brand of smokeless cigarettes. A representative of the manufacturer said the rejection was a blow to the business. «We expected refusals but not an outright rejection of our advertising,» he said. Major tobacco firms believe that advertisements for these cigarettes would harm their own products. Vanguard’s producers are now planning an advertising campaign under the banner «Smoke without fear.»