Some issues should be left alone

Certain issues of national importance, such as agreements that are still in the works, should best be left out of pre-election speeches and campaigning. PASOK opposition leader George Papandreou’s insistence on bringing up the matter of the completion of the Burgas-Alexandroupoli pipeline deal just days before the country heads to the polls was definitely a move that he should have been advised against. For one thing, Athens has forged a fruitful collaboration and friendly relations with Moscow that should be maintained no matter which government takes charge of the Maximos Mansion on October 5. The same goes for the controversial oil pipeline, regardless of whether a final deal has yet to be reached and negotiations need to continue for a while longer so the last details can be ironed out. In any case, bringing up topics such as this does little to enrich the pre-election race. Moreover, when it comes to crucial matters of the country’s foreign affairs, it is best for political leaders to show public consensus.