September 26, 1959

ALGERIA: Cairo – The newspaper Al Shaab reports in an article, titled «Bourguiba conspires against Algerian revolution,» that «the United States will give the president [Habib Bourguiba] of Tunisia $300 million if he succeeds in convincing Algeria’s National Liberation Front to accept the proposals of French President General Charles de Gaulle. The newspaper also reports that the response by Algeria’s «provisional» government would be a strike against the Americans and their allies. In Algeria, a column of security forces was ambushed by rebels 20 kilometers from the town of Aflou in the region of Oran. The column consisted of three military vehicles and five private cars. According to initial reports, 10 security force officers were killed. Meanwhile, three people were killed and 16 injured in two bomb blasts in the halls of the Galerie de France store in the center of Algiers. GEORGES BIDAULT: The former French Prime Minister Georges Bidault arrived in Greece on the steamship Mediterranean, accompanied by his wife. Bidault will remain in the country for two weeks as the guest of an Athenian family, and is expected to tour the country visiting archaeological sites.