October 3, 1959

USSR AND CHINA: Beijing – The welcome given to Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev upon his arrival in China was noteworthy for the perfect turnout by the government and its officials, but the complete absence of any members of the public. This was seen as an indication of the Chinese authorities’ dissatisfaction with Moscow’s failure to impose recognition of China as a world power and push its accession to the United Nations. Later, obviously in response to explanations given by Khrushchev, the atmosphere improved to the point where Chinese Premier Chou En-Lai expressed recognition of the Soviet Union’s leaders as the head of the «Socialist camp» and to praise Khrushchev’s visit to the United States as an event of historic importance for the consolidation of peace. GEORGIOS GRIVAS: Former Cypriot resistance leader General Georgios Grivas, aka Digenis, took a more moderate line in recent statements referring to his imminent meeting with Cypriot Archbishop Makarios. He said he had invited the archbishop for talks to settle their differences, if these indeed existed, and to meet in a spirit of mutual understanding.