October 6, 1959

LUNIK 3: London 7 – Announcements from Moscow today revealed that the orbit of the interplanetary station, as the Russians are calling their satellite Lunik 3, is much wider than originally assumed, since the Lunik, after reaching a distance of 7,000 kilometers from the moon yesterday at 4 p.m. (Greek time), has continued to travel away from both the Earth and the moon. It is still sending signals and scientists have been making a number of announcements about what is expected to be learned from this new achievement. MAKARIOS & GRIVAS: Rhodes, 7 – Cypriot Archbishop Makarios and former Cypriot resistance leader General Georgios Grivas, who began talks here today on the Cyprus issue, have declared that they both wish to highlight the struggles on the part of the people of the Mediterranean island and contribute to a climate of peace, progress and prosperity on Cyprus. They referred to their joint struggles and goals and said that their talks would be guided by genuine concern for the Cypriot people. They said the ties that connect them were stronger than any temporary problem. Late last night after six hours of talks, the archbishop said that all their misunderstandings, for which third parties had been responsible, had been cleared up.