Deeds are the best publicity

The image and messages put across by the new government so far have helped foster a sense of optimism throughout country as a whole. The ruling PASOK party has been able to create an upbeat atmosphere at a time when the country’s finances are in crisis and the government, as well as the people, know that they will have to meet this massive challenge, and meet it soon. The government has succeeded in combining the right amount of experience and freshness, while it also appears quite determined to follow a policy of transparency and to get tough on corruption. The people, however, are happy to embrace a good message but only in so far as it is then followed by the corresponding actions. The members of George Papandreou’s new Cabinet would be wise to learn from the mistakes of their predecessors and to avoid too much exposure in the media. Silence, when it is accompanied by deeds, can be a much better spin doctor that overt self-advertisement, especially if the latter is nothing more than a veil for complete inactivity.