October 12, 1959

DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER: Washington – US President Dwight D. Eisenhower attended a foundation ceremony for the museum named after him in Abilene, Kansas, the town where he grew up. He gave a speech emphasizing the spirit of international cooperation in order to achieve the true goal of humanity, which he said was «not just to live, but to live proudly.» Eisenhower urged the people of the world to work together to develop a world economy in which nations would be able to grant prosperity and secure a way of life in accordance with the wishes of their citizens. Referring to peoples’ desire for independence, personal freedom and responsible government, the American president declared himself to be in favor of restricting armaments so that a large proportion of the funds that are currently being spent for that purpose could be diverted toward creating a better world. RADIO: The National Radio Foundation (EIR) is launching its winter drama series this evening with William Shakespeare’s tragedy «Hamlet,» starring Alexis Minotis in the title role, along with Antigone Valakou and Eleni Zafeiriou among others.