October 13, 1959

SPACE RACE: London – The Americans scored two successes today in the missile race, announcing their plans to launch a manned artificial satellite that will return to Earth. This morning a missile was launched from an air force bomber aimed at the Explorer VI satellite now orbiting the Earth. A Juno rocket was then launched, which sent the satellite Explorer VII into orbit around the Earth. THEATER: Three theater companies will premiere their winter seasons this evening: Vasilis Logothetidis opens with the comedy «The Wife should Fear her Husband» at the Athinon Theater, Iakovos Kambanellis’s «Story without a Name» will be performed at the Neo Theatro and a play by Ladislas Fodor is on the bill at the Mousouris Theater. DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER: Washington – US President Dwight D. Eisenhower attended an inauguration ceremony for the museum named after him in Abilene, Kansas, the town where he grew up. He gave a speech emphasizing the spirit of international cooperation in order to achieve the true goal of humanity, which he said was «not just to live, but to live proudly.» Eisenhower urged the people of the world to work together to develop a world economy in which nations would be able to become prosperous.