October 15, 1959

SAINT-JULIEN-LE-PAUVRE: From a travel piece by V.A. Spanopoulos: «I bought a long-playing record of a Greek liturgy service from a church in Paris, Saint-Julien-Le-Pauvre… A British historian in Paris, Oliver Edwards, has written that if it were possible to determine the place where the history of this city began within the mist of legends and traditions, one could choose this particular church… One can imagine that the small church hides within its garden to allow its majestic neighbor to appear in all its grandeur, for there is a magnificent view of Notre Dame from its northern side. What used to be a humble country church was for centuries the seat of Paris University. During the Middle Ages, it was here that the Western intellectuals acquired their knowledge. Through its portals have passed Dante, Petrarch, Peter Abelard, Thomas Aquinas… The church dates from before the 6th century, and was built on a junction of Roman roads near the end of the thoroughfare from Rome via Lugdunum (now Lyons). The road was built by Julian, the great visionary of the 4th century AD… Last Sunday I attended the service as celebrated according to the Melkite Greek Catholics.»