October 16, 1959

LINKED WITH THE EEC: A delegation led by the president of the European Economic Community (EEC), Walter Hallstein, held talks all day yesterday on the issue of Greece’s association with the EEC. They reached the conclusion that favorable economic conditions in Greece, particularly with regard to monetary stability, foreign trade and prospects for further improvements in the economy generally, constituted a secure foundation for a link between Greece and the community of six nations. According to a joint communique, it appears certain that Greece’s demands will be accepted in principle by the EEC Council after more detailed talks in Brussels next month. THE PRICE: Justice Minister Constantinos Kallias has made the following statement: «Greece now has a relationship of friendship, economic and political cooperation with the Federal Republic of Germany, which is obviously in Greece’s interest. Any revival of the past is not fitting in the light of current circumstances… Mindful of that fact, the government believes that the question of German war reparations should be concluded once and for all. Prosecution of all alleged German war criminals in Greece is herewith abolished. The sentence of the only German war criminal in Greek prisons (Max Merten) is also annulled.»