October 17, 1959

ABDUL KARIM KASSEM: London – Baghdad radio announced this evening that there has been another assassination attempt against Iraqi Prime Minister General Abdul Karim Kassem, this time in the hospital where he is being treated for injuries sustained in an earlier attempt on his life on October 7. No details have been announced regarding today’s incident. However, it is believed that there is a strong nationalist reaction to Kassem and that the fanatic opponents of his regime will not be easy to defeat. EEC: A delegation from the European Economic Community held talks yesterday on the issue of Greece’s association with the body. According to a joint communique, it appears certain that Greece’s demands will be accepted in principle by the EEC Council after more detailed talks in Brussels next month. THE PRICE: Justice Minister Constantinos Kallias has made the following statement: «Greece now has a relationship of friendship, as well as economic and political cooperation with the Federal Republic of Germany, which is obviously in Greece’s interest… Prosecution of all alleged German war criminals in Greece is herewith abolished. The sentence of the only German war criminal in Greek prisons [Max Merten] is also hereby annulled.»