October 19, 1959

SAINT-JULIEN-LE-PAUVRE: The following is an excerpt from a travel article written by V. A. Spanopoulos: «I bought a long-playing record of a Greek liturgy service from a church in Paris, Saint-Julien-le-Pauvre… What used to be a humble country church was for centuries the seat of Paris University. Through its portals have passed such notables as Dante, Petrarch (Francesco Petrarca), Peter Abelard and Thomas Aquinas… The church dates from before the 6th century and was built at the junction of Roman roads near the end of the thoroughfare from Rome via Lugdunum (present-day Lyons). The road was built by the emperor Julian, the great visionary of the 4th century AD… Last Sunday I attended the service as it is celebrated according to the Melkite Greek Catholics.» THEATER: Three theater companies are scheduled to premiere their winter seasons this evening: Vasilis Logothetidis opens with the comedy «The Wife Should Fear her Husband» at the Athinon Theater, Iakovos Kambanellis’s «Story without a Name» will be performed at the Neo Theatro and a play by Ladislas Fodor is on the bill at the Mousouris Theater.