Firm hand but respect for rights

It is high time Greeks overcame those dictatorship-era inhibitions and syndromes that have allowed certain groups of people to transform entire neighborhoods of Athens into no-go zones controlled by hooligans and self-styled anarchists for fear of being accused of repressing freedom of expression. The new citizens’ protection minister, Michalis Chrysochoidis, has already proven after just a few days at the helm of the ministry responsible for public order that he will be implementing a zero-tolerance policy toward such groups, though this does not mean that he will not at the same time respect fundamental civil liberties. It is clear that there are those who are displeased with this policy and would rather see a return to the kind of tactics that led to the tragic events of last December, when the police were given orders to act as mere bystanders while cities were being attacked. The public, however, is mature and aware enough to know that the law of the land needs to be enforced everywhere and for everyone, without exception.