October 29, 1959

THEATER: The final performances of Shakespeare’s «Taming of the Shrew» are being held this week at the Royal Theater. Next week, the theater will be closed for rehearsals of Pirandello’s «Six Characters in Search of an Author,» to premiere on November 5. DARK SIDE OF THE MOON: London – The first photograph of what until now has been the invisible side of the moon has been taken by the Soviet satellite Lunik 3 and published in newspapers around the world, to enthusiastic reactions by scientists. PTOLEMAIDA: King Pavlos opened the new Public Power Corporation electricity plant in Ptolemaida, after flying to Kozani from Thessaloniki and then driving to the plant by car. During the ceremony, the king set in motion the plant’s first unit to produce 70,000 KW hours. KALAVRYTA: From a speech by Panayiotis Kanellopoulos in Parliament: «The atrocities committed in [Nazi-occupied] Kalavryta… would never have happened if an equally terrible event had not taken place beforehand. The Communists, who were fighting in the mountains, had seized a group of German soldiers, then they butchered them, throwing the body parts down a well.»