June 26, 1952

NORTHERN EPIROTES: The association of Northern Epirotes, «Selasforos,» has presented the French foreign minister, Mr Maurice Schumann, currently visiting Athens, with a fervent appeal to take an interest in the tragic situation of the Greek population of Northern Epirus. WOUNDED BY A COMMUNIST: The German charge d’affairs in Athens yesterday visited the justice minister and asked for further information regarding the injury of the German war criminal Zabel by the communist prisoner Papoulias. It was reported that Zabel was injured by the communist as he was leaving the prison’s visiting hall where he had met with the German charge d’affaires. During the occupation, Zabel was the head guard in the village of Distomo and is charged with slaughtering the village’s inhabitants. (Ed. note: A few days after the successful British landing in Normandy, the German forces, in a show of brutality to the occupied nations on June 10, 1944, murdered the inhabitants of the village of Distomo in northern Greece, those of Orandour in France and also torched the village of Arginia on the island of Cephalonia.) ALAVERAS: New books: «The Wild Animals in the Other Forest,» short stories by Telemachos Alaveras, OSYM Publications, Thessaloniki, 1952. SOCCER: Olympiakos vs Rapid (Austria) 2-2, Esperos vs Astiros 1-1. The Astiros team included Costas Linoxilakis, who returned from PAO to his old team for a few days.