June 28, 1952

IN THE HEART: «Today (yesterday) at 10 a.m., US Ambassador to Greece John Peurifoy visited Greek Prime Minister Nikolaos Plastiras at the Hotel Bristol in Paris (…). Mr Peurifoy expressed great pleasure at the marked improvement in the prime minister’s health, and said he hoped he would be returning to Greece soon, so that they may continue their cooperation for the good of the Greek people and in order to resolve all the difficult problems, ‘as we both have the Greek people in our hearts.’» FIELD MARSHAL AND THE KING: At 11 a.m. yesterday, the leader of the Greek Rally party, Field Marshal Alexandros Papagos, went to the summer palace at Tatoi and was received by the king in a meeting lasting an hour and a quarter. The field marshal (…) informed the king of his views on current political issues. PRIZE FOR MITROPOULOS: (The composer) Dimitris Mitropoulos has once again honored Greece thanks to a major award he has been presented with, the Seinberg Medal, the most distinguished recognition awarded by the International Association of Modern Music. Along with Mitropoulos, the prize was also awarded to two others, both Americans: the violinist Rudolf Kollis and pianist Edward Sterman. The prizes will be presented in Salzburg’s Mozart Concert Hall. SOCCER: Rapid (Austria) beat AEK 4-1 at the Panathinaikos Stadium.