June 29, 1952

PLASTIRAS: According to a telegram from the Greek ambassador in Paris, Mr Raphael, to the Greek Foreign Ministry, the Greek prime minister, Mr Nikolaos Plastiras was admitted yesterday to the American Hospital at Neuilly, in Paris. PAVLOS’S NAME DAY: The Greek people, on the occasion of the name day of their king, wish His Majesty, from the depths of their hearts, a long and happy reign. ICARUS AND USA: The US Embassy, in cooperation with the publishing house Icarus, has announced a competition for the translation into Greek of 12 short stories from modern American literature which will published in one volume similar to the «American Short Stories of the 19th Century» which Icarus is to release in July. The best translation of each story into plain demotic Greek will receive a prize of 200,000, 250,000 or 300,000 drachmas and will be included in the second volume, along with the name of the translator. MINISTERIAL TOURISM: The minister Mr Giorgios Athanasiadis-Novas has left for Italy, Switzerland and France to review the press bureaus there and to examine progress in a major radio transmitter being built. DEFICIT: After an examination of data on the course of income and expenditure over the past year, it appears that the 1951-52 budget will be balanced if another 100 billion drachmas can be found.