No room for double standards

Back when it was in opposition, the PASOK party and its chief, George Papandreou, had high expectations of the then-ruling New Democracy party regarding its moral standards and adherence to the letter of the law. Now that the Socialist party is in government, it should have no lesser expectations of itself. If the government fails to set the moral and legal bar at the highest possible level, its commitment to purging the political system of corruption and the backhanded practices that got Greece into this predicament will carry no credibility whatsoever. If the party is seen to cover up for its cadres when they are accused of shady dealings, it can be sure that it will provoke the ire of the people and that it will be accused of having double standards when it comes to how it judges its own people. Purging the political system is a matter of national survival at this point and the government must impose the same standards on its own people as it does on others if it ever hopes to help put the country on the right track.