A new breed of unionist

The labor movement ostensibly exists in order to protect the interests of workers. Unfortunately, what we have seen emerge from this movement is a breed of professional unionists who are specialized and interested in nothing more than labor protest, who make a living from it and seldom comprehend how businesses operate. In these difficult days for the country and for the people living here, it goes without saying that businesses and employers need to fulfill their social responsibility by protecting their workers as much as possible. Solutions and compromises can be found through discussions to save people’s jobs, but only if those on both sides of the table are realistic. Unfortunately, many of these «professional» unionists have blatantly flouted the right of workers to choose whether or not they will participate in strikes over issues that may or may not have any direct impact on them. They have also insisted on taking an extreme position on outlandish demands that can only ensure more problems for businesses and, by extension, further cutbacks in staff.