Heave-ho to the hooligans

Like most nations, Greece has repeatedly shown itself capable of the best and the worst. One example of the latter behavior was the incidents that marred the crucoal basketball match between Olympiakos and Panathinaikos on Sunday night. On the one hand, we have two highly professional teams that have earned and fought their way to the top of the European standings. On the other, we saw inexplicable barbarism from a section of fans whose unnecessary violence brought the match to a grinding halt. There are no more excuses for this kind of behavior and the leaderships of every team whose fans have been involved in hooliganism need to step up and take responsibility for the situation. Other countries who have suffered from such phenomenon in the past have shown us that there are ways to deal with hooliganism. All it takes is a plan, the will to get the job done and a certain amount of professional responsibility to put an end to a phenomenon that is deeply humiliating as well as dangerous.