Egotists dressed in union colors

When barefaced shamelessness is not nipped in the bud, it inevitably grows to dangerous proportions. Following a series of incidents of irrational behavior in protest at the lifting of cabotage rules, the seamen’s union, after blocking a British-flagged cargo ship’s access to the port of Corinth, has now decided to move against an Italian commercial ship that does not employ any Greeks in its crew. This is the culmination of actions that began with the same people blocking tourists arriving on the Zenith cruise ship from re-embarking at ports. If the government does not step in soon to prevent this kind of activity, the Greek economy and the country’s reputation as a holiday destination will suffer an irreparable blow. Ships and cruise liners from all over the world, bringing goods and tourists, will no longer feel free to dock at Greek ports (and pay the relevant levies) unless they have first received a go-ahead from a handful of blackmailers dressed in union colors. Is this what we want? Can we allow the country’s ports – and by extension its economy – to be held hostage?