Will anyone uphold the law?

When drivers violate the speed limit or park somewhere illegally, they know with some degree of certainty that, if they come to the attention of the police, they will be punished. On the other hand, however, there are people who can ignore court rulings, flout the laws that forbid the obstruction of public transport and who wreak havoc on the businesses of their compatriots without having to worry for a single minute that there will be any consequences for their behavior. This was the case yesterday when a members of the Communist Party-affiliated workers’ union PAME violated every rule in the book during its blockade of the Piraeus port in protest at the lifting of cabotage restrictions for the umpteenth time without reprimand. It is obvious that the government lacks either the courage or the ability to impose the law. After all, it has allowed this kind of behavior to spin dangerously out of control. But what about the Supreme Court prosecutor? Why does he allow the laws his own court has enacted to be broken and flouted in such a provocative manner?