Tightening security measures

What happened on Thursday evening at the Citizens’ Protection Ministry must not be allowed to occur again. It is hard to understand how the parcel bomb that ripped through the ministry, killing Minister Michalis Chrysochoidis’s security chief, could have been smuggled onto the premises. Politicians, police officers and ordinary citizens all need to become more responsible when it comes to crucial matters of security. Following Thursday’s tragedy, it is now clear that a change of attitude is crucial. It is unacceptable that lawyers and journalists routinely refuse to be searched by security guards upon entering courthouses or ministries because they think that the procedure is insulting. At the same time, all important state buildings must immediately be subject to an assessment of their security measures. Moreover, the authorities must also introduce additional measures to safeguard such buildings against terrorist activities. There is simply no time to waste. If we do, we shall mourn more victims in the future.